22 October 2010

Nails: Colourful Animal Print

ELF - Punk Purple
ELF - Fluorescent Pink
ELF - Black

Practicing the animal print nails. Still too colourful for me though!


  1. Oooh I love these!! They are adorable! Xxx

  2. Love the colours!!

  3. Thank you both of you! I think its still too colourful for me but think the colours go well together, and other than the cock up with the thumb nail looks alright!

  4. I did similar leopard print nails but with a yellow base. It is very interesting with pink :) I might try these out. The link to my blog is here:
    Check it out. I think your blog is really helpful. I just hit the follow button. :):)

  5. @Dyna yeah I was trying to work with the pink colour I have! Your yellow one is nice as well, looks more realistic too. :)

  6. Thank you :) actually I've done so many different nail arts, but that one was a massive hit. Like, I couldn't believe how good they turned out. And I redone them after 2 months or so and yet again plenty of compliments :D But I may try a pinkish version next time because yours look gorgeous. :)

  7. @Dyna thanks! I have followed you as well, hope to see some more lovely nail arts! Think I might need to get one of those nail art pens though for more delicate work.


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