31 October 2010

Review: ELF - Therapeutic Conditioning Lip Balm


They say ~ Salvation for parched lips. This innovative balm coats lips with natural nutrients and skin soothers to condition even the most sensitive lips. Infused with Shea Butter and Vitamins A & E for long lasting protection.

I say ~ I won this one as a prize a while back, but if I hadn't I would have still bought it to try out their range of lip balms. The tube is a little longer and slimmer than an average lip balm, I feel as if you are getting less product for your money too, as typically lip balms come in a 4g tube. Also with it being an all white stick it does make me feel a little self conscious whipping it out in public, could be mistaken as a feminine hygiene product.

The scent, is blackberry creme, has a nice light blackberry scent. Once applied to the lips the scent doesn't really linger, it feels really slick on the lips its nice. After a couple of minutes it doesn't go away and feels a little bit greasy. It doesn't really sink in to the lips, just sits on top of them where as you would expect a conditioning one to sink in. There is no taste or colour to this lip balm either.


£1.50 - 2g

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