19 October 2010

Review: Lush Bath Sunday Cocktail

Sex Bomb | Star Melt | The Comforter

So after a particularly rubbish day I thought I would attempt to cheer myself up with a Lush cocktail. I always like to use sexbomb as the jasmine scent lingers and makes me smell pretty! The comforter is nice at changing the water colour, making bubbles and I thought I would stick a couple of chunks of star melt in too. I think this was a christmas or easter only item, although it is coming up to christmas and so might be back in the shops. It smells like snow fairy / candy fluff and its really nice and moisturising.

Over all I like this cocktail, very indulgent though. Made the water exceptionally pink as you can see!


£2.95 - 200g

£3.95 - 200g

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