24 October 2010

Review: Lush - Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar


This was a  valentines day 2010 special bubble bar combines the scent of yummy yummy yummy and vanillary. I know I am late at getting around to trying it out but still seemed to be quite nice and scented. I thought it looked quite cute actually a little mushroom, I imagine it could be halved and used in two baths but I just crumbled up the whole thing and used it.

The overall scent was a sweet one, could smell the vanilla more so than the yummy yummy yummy, although I did always find that scent very weak to begin with. As you can see it turned the bath water a watered down red colour, rather than a pink which is what I imagined it would do. I didn't need to moisturise afterwards and the scent lasted a couple of hours.

Don't think I would purchase this again if it were to come out purely because vanillary isn't a fave scent of mine. However for a once a year treat I wouldn't say no! Very nice valentines gift to get from the other half!


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