28 October 2010

Review: Schwarzkopf Mystical Violet

So in a fairly recent post I got some hair dye, the Schwarzkopf in Mystical Violet. So this is a little update on how that went...


And after: 

Having been dyeing my hair for the past 12 years or so I have tried lots of different variations on black with a hint of other colours. This one is with a deep purple which actually is nice and subtle, I was a little bit worried looking at the picture of the woman on the box but luckily it didn't turn out that bright!

I have had my hair this colour now for a month and the dye is still there, as in the shining purple. I still am getting lots of red coming out of my hair when I wash it and I think it will fade out in to a black before long. I don't really mind though because I like having my hair black. My hair is quite thick and is down just past my bra strap (25 inches) and I used a box and a half of this hair dye to do it.

Would I buy it again? I might do, it doesn't seem to be worse than any of the other ones I have tried and is actually lasting longer than the cosmo blue one from Schwarzkopf which I have tried at least 10 times over the years.

7.5 / 10
£4.75 - 25ml

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