29 October 2010

Shopping Trip: October 2010

So somehow I ended up shopping, one of those days where you end up on auto pilot!
  • Sleek - Bad Girl Eyeshadow Palette
  • MUA - Shade 9 Polish
  • Collection 2000 - Hot Looks Polish in Hip Hop
I am hoping that by getting this darker palette it will satisfy my urge for the much more expensive Urban Decay Black Palette! Also since finally laying my hands on the Barry M Nail Effects I discovered that I dont have any nail polishes in a light enough colour to show up. And finally the orange one is purely for Halloween!

Also my dotting tools finally arrived! I got the from eBay and they were £1.30 and that was with p&p


  1. I'm planning to buy the dab girl palette too =D
    nice buyings!

  2. I am loving that shade of blue! Smurfy smurf XD hehe

  3. oooooh jealous jealous! I want the BG palette lke right now!!! lol Looking fwd to the swatches hun!

  4. @ Jinz thanks, I shall get around to it soon!


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