5 November 2010

ELF Eye Primer: Standard Vs Mineral pt.2

This is part two of my review, you can see part one here. I was using the ELF Studio Eyeshadow in Amethyst. The eyeliner was ELF's waterproof eyeliner pen in Plum.

If you ignore the fact my glasess smudged my foundation (any tips on stopping this would be fab!) there is a little difference between the two, this second photo was taken eight hours later. Which from the test I did the other day using the primers is a massive difference!

From what I can see the standard primer hasnt held on to the colour as well and looks less pigmented. There hasnt actually been much creasing either which is something I suffer from really badly without a primer.

And so to sum up both products, I would say that while they both did smell a little odd. The mineral primer holds on to the eyeshadow better for longer and is good at stopping the dreaded creasing! That being said though the standard primer isnt bad either. For an extra £1.50 I think its worth getting the mineral one but if you are a little bit skint then the standard one works so much better than not using a primer.

Standard Primer
£3.00 - 4.5g
Mineral Primer

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  1. Ohhhh great comparison, very helpful !! :) I have the mineral one and it's really nice! :)



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