7 November 2010

Swatch: ELF - Metal Madess

Requested by Lumi

For some reason my camera wouldnt focus right, I think its something to do with the twinkly glitter. This was three coats of it and the photo was with a flash. Its not as shiney as it appears, while the glitter isnt too bumpy the way glitters were years ago it still needs a top coat to make it look right I think. The glitter is small flecks which is nice as well.

Not exactly my sort of colour but for christmas and party season think it will do nicely!

Oh and as a side note it isnt too awful for removing the way glitters tend to be.

ELF - Metal Madness


  1. Thanks so much for swatching this one! I was planning to order it :D

  2. Thanks for this swatch! It looks better than in the pictures on ELF store.

  3. @Lumi yeah sometimes the swatches on the website arent that great.

  4. New nail polish? I'm so behind lol ! It looks amazing :)


  5. @ Stavroula yeah they have a couple of other ones as well as the two I got, christmas special ones I think!


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