15 November 2010

Nails: Purple Ruffian

Okay so this one was completly inspired by Charlotte over at Lipglossing. I was wanting to try out a half moon manicure but need to get some of those little hole reinforcers before I can do that. So this is my first attempt at a ruffian mani, I think that it did work, although the colours are too bright for me and dont look as classy as Charlotte's did! Suppose just need to work on colour combinations. Maybe black and silver would look better.

ELF - Punk Purple
ELF - Purple Pleaser
ELF - Clear


  1. Gorgeous nails, i just love purple! :-)

  2. I actually like the color combination :) I love purple too lol x

  3. @ Stavroula I think that they might go better the other way around. Waiting for some stickers to use so I can try this out again but with some different colours.


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