13 November 2010

Polish Storage

I store all of my nail polishes in a little three draw set of draws. I got mine in Poundland so very cheap! Which is just as well because I seem to be filling it up rather quickly.

How do you store yours?


  1. I store mine in a semitransparent silicon box..the only problem is, the collection is growing so fast that I'll need another one soon! XD

  2. I have two of those sets of draws! Mine have eyeshadows in and lip glosses and balms in though...they're fabulous those things!

  3. @makeupfan - thanks I like them too :)

    @Aru - yes that is a problem I am having too, these draws are getting awfully full!

    @ZebyK - I think I need some more for my other bits of make up too. Keep my polishes in living room rather than with my make up which is why I wanted something with a fair amount of room.


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