26 November 2010

Swatch: Barry M - Nail Effects

Well this nail polish certainly was difficult to get my hands on! Still after about three weeks I managed to find it in a superdrug. It makes the trend of nail art a little more accessible and easy.

The problem being you have to use a really vivid / light colour under the cracked black otherwise it doesnt show up too well, as in the following picture.

But if you get a lighter colour it really does show up well. You could go for all sorts of combinations making it look almost animal print.

The pictures above both have a clear coat on top to help avoid snagging which does happen because the surface once the crackle is applied isnt smooth. Also the polish is more of a matte finish as seen below.

Over all for £3.95 I quite like this polish, I wouldnt buy it in any other colours although as of yet there isnt any others out. I like how if you apply it with different brush strokes you get a different effect. The main issue I had with this was I didnt have many light colours to try out underneth!


£3.95 - 10ml

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