6 November 2010

Swatch: Collection 2000 - Hot Looks Fast Dry - Hip Hop 28

No Flash

With flash


They say ~ Collection 2000 Hotlooks Fast Dry Nail Polish is fashion led, catwalk inspired hot bright shades to add a flash of colour to any look. Collection 2000 Hotlooks is a fast drying, high shine nail polish.

I say ~ This is a smaller than your standard 10ml nail polish being that is is 8ml. I found the brush to be shorter than what I am used too and the amount of bristles thicker and so picks up lots of polish.

Very bright and it says 2 coats needed but I found three thin layers worked best. This polish dried quickly, surprisingly quick as in the past I have tried so called 60 second drying ones and they haven't lived up to their claims. Normally I wouldn't go for this colour but I did get it for Halloween. This shade did stain my nails badly. Hope it fades quickly!


£1.79 - 8ml

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