4 November 2010

Review: ELF: Eyeliner & Shadow Stick in Smoke/Black

Smoke side

They say ~ Achieve color intensity for your eyes with twist-up ease (no sharpening required)! Glide on the dark soft gel “liner” to create dramatic definition to the eyes. The light-reflecting pigments help line the eye subtly but intensely for a fuller more enhanced effect. Use the smooth glide “shadow” stick for soft highlighting color on the eyes to complement the liner for a polished and finished look.

I say ~ The idea of this is good, and you would imagine good on the go. It applies smoothly on both sides, the liner side feels a little bit harder than the shadow but it is still soft. I took photos of both sides wound all the way up so you can see exactly how much product your getting. I've tried lots of different ways to apply this and every time it creases badly on my eyelids even when using a primer.

I had great hopes for this, but its not for me unfortunately.


£3.50 - ELF


  1. I've purchased this a while ago too..And I was really disappointed =( completely agree!

  2. @Aru well I suppose I am glad to hear its not just my eyes being overly oily. Shame though!


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