1 November 2010

Review: Primark - Prime Your Life Primer

Just a quick review on the primer from Primark. The packaging doesnt have any infomation on it which is odd however I think it might of had some other labels on which I threw out. Opps! It just says 'in the pink' on it.
Basically its a twist up tube similar to a glue stick, it clicks with each twist and you need about 6 clicks to get the above amount out.

This picture is the consistancy of it, its quite thin and a n*de colour. There is no scent to this and it doesnt tingle or feel greasy. Its more of a thin moisturiser texture.

This basically is it spread about a little bit, not very much though as it looks quite thick where as in reality this isnt the case.

After rubbing the product about it blends in with my skin. It doesnt seem to sheer out any more than this without vanishing completly, the shimmer is there as well and it gives a wet look even after waiting for it to dry.

I found that it did help give my foundation something to stick too, in the case of mineral foundation. Liquid foundation though it didnt help at all. I found you had to use a powder over it otherwise I ended up looking like a grease factory.

Over all I dont think I would recommend this primer, it doesnt have much of a benefit for a primer. Although some have found it useful as a undereye highligher / light reflector. For me though I will use it up as I would hate to let something go to waste and then not repurchase.


£3 - 12ml


  1. This looks interesting...i once had something similar from primark, something like bronzer but didn't like very much the consistency, and it had way too much glitter.

  2. thanks for the review and swatches!

  3. @makeupfan Ah I didnt even notice a bronzer, this didnt have any shimmer to it just rather a dewy look to it.


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