1 November 2010

Review: Sleek - Bad Girl Palette

Okay so I haven't had this for very long but people were wanting to see some swatches.
I have tried this out a couple of times and I can't fault it really. The packaging is a matte black, with a shiny embossing with the Sleek logo on. Inside are the twelve eyeshadows.

From my swatching you can easily tell which colours are matte and which have shimmer. They stay on my eyelid without fading or creasing with the use of a primer. All are highly pigmented, other than the colour Gullible which is much more subtle. It appears to be a colour very close to my own skin tone though so maybe it would show up better on darker skin.

A point to note is that the colour obnoxious looks in the pan to be a purple colour however after swatching and using it, it is clear it is more of a blue colour. It as if the top of the disk has a super thin purple layer where the colour under is blue. I actually prefer it to be a blue as there is already two dark purples in the palette.

£5.99 - Sleek / Superdrug


  1. Lovely! I can't wait to get my hands on this!

  2. I love this palette! thanks fro swatching!! =D

  3. The colours are all so very you!

  4. gosh. that looks so tempting :O

  5. Thanks everyone, I much prefer this one to the good girl palette!

    @samispoon - yes, very me :D I like!

  6. wat a great pallette iv ordered 2 for xmas thanks enigma

  7. i really like yr page, lovely colours u have on it

  8. Great palette, I want it!!! lol x


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