30 November 2010

Tutorial: Matte Dotty Nails

This is a tutorial requested by MakeUpJelena

Basically you will need the following:
- Nail Polish
- Matt Nail Polish
- Dotting Tool (or a pencil / cocktail stick)

Firstly paint your nails, I used ELF - Navy Polish

Once that is dried paint over that with the Matt Top Coat, I used ELF's

Again wait for that to dry, take your polish and dot it on to a surface. I used a old take out tub lid. Dip your dotting tool in to the polish and then simply dot on to the nail in whatever fashion you want

Once that is dry and you have cleaned up and little mishaps you are done!

Very simple. Should I do more tutorials? What do you want to see?


  1. Thank you so much for this great tutorial, absolutely brilliant idea to use a pencil! :-) I must try this today already! :-)

  2. Lovely!!! You should definitely do more tutorials!!! :D

  3. @ makeupjelena yeah I was using a pencil before I got my dotting tools, can be smaller or thicker depending on how sharp it is.

    @ aru thank you! I wasnt sure if it was any good :)


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