25 December 2010

Eye of the Day - Festive Purples

If your reading this on actual christmas day, happy christmas!

I am more of a yule person myself and thought I would just post my eye of the day make up I did for the 21st.

So I used shades 7 and 8 for this eye look from the Primark Saint or Sinner palette below. Not usually one for sparkle, which is why I ended up getting a super cheap one! Seeing as it is the festive season I threw caution to the wind!
I also used:
ELF - Cream Liner in Black
17 - Wild Curls Mascara
ELF - Luscious Lipstick - Ruby Slipper


  1. gorgeous look! I love purples!!
    Happy Holidays!! ^_^

  2. wow the ruby slipper looks cute on and the eye look is amazing. I just tagged you on a post I have done, I hope you check it out sweety xx

  3. @Aru thanks, hope you enjoyed your festive season too! I seem to be enjoying purple a lot right now.

    @Dyna its really nice isnt it! I have had it for a while but never got around to trying it out :)


'If you can't say something nice, dont say nothing at all" - Thumper

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