7 December 2010

Make Up Storage

How I store my make up...

Most of my make up is here although there is more in my draws this is the main bulk of it and I made the storage myself. Might not look too 'professional' but serves its purpose and looks quite different which is me all over I like to think!

What do you think, should I buy something else to store these in?


  1. Oooh me likey! Wish I could come and have a snoop through all your make up! Is that a 17 foundation I see hiding there? ;) Xxx

  2. Lovely post, i like how you store your makeup! :-)

  3. @ZebyK Yes thats the same one you reviewed a while back, different shade though. What are you wanting a nose at? The things on my vanity or the things stashed in the draws?

    @makeupjelena thanks! I'm not sure if its too young or not?


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