28 December 2010

Nails: Festive Snowflakes

This was quite strange as I was doing nail art on someone else's hands. It was so much more easier than doing it on myself though.


  1. Super cute nails!

    Thanks for your comment! Ice cider is a fermented beverage made from the frozen juice of apples. It's soooo sweet and yummy, iy goes perfectly with dessert =D

  2. @GABY thanks! So is that alcoholic or non-alchoholic. I also forgot to say but I loved all your Lush stuff. And it was fun to see Snow Fairy in French (was it french?) lol!

    @Dyna Thank you :D

  3. They look really good - love the colour combo and nothing beats adorable little snow flakes. I dont have the patience for looks like this but I keep saying I'm gonna devote a bit of time to keeping my nails looking all neat n pretty. I'm sure that'll last about 5 mintes :)

  4. sooo cute they are! xx Great blog you have! :)

    - Tran N // www.nobodygotstyle.blogspot.com

  5. @All Made Up - thanks your right christmas and snow goes hand in hand especially with the gems. I think with the new year you could try looking after your nails. With pretty polish on them it could help!

    @Tran N - thank you.


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