1 December 2010

Project '10 Pan' - Update

Okay so project ten pan seems to be going alright. I have had some building work done in my place and so everything is packed up making it difficult to access whatever I like which is slowing things down. I have also changed one of my items, the eyebrow kit for a blusher which is now empty too :)

Lush Handcream - Smitten
Waitrose - Baby Bottom Butter
Laura Paige - Translucent Powder
Batisie - Dry Shampoo
Primark - Prime Your Life Primer
Maybelline - Cover Stick
ELF - Blusher
ELF - Luscious Lipstick
Naturals Body Spray
Dove Deodrant

Half way done!


  1. Im doing this with my perfumes right now XD
    Best of luck!!

  2. Have you got a lot of perfumes? Or is it the tester / sample ones you mean? x


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