30 December 2010

Review: Dotting Tool


I ordered these from eBay a while ago and have had plenty of time to try them out. I really like them because they give a much more precise dot than the sharpened pencil I was using before. Very cheap at £1.39 for frive including P&P and the different sizes are good too, doesn't make that much of a difference though.

Thought I ought to post some photos showing what you can do with these. You don't have to just do dots though, you can use it for moving the polish around on the nail in to other patterns.


  1. er, I hate to sound completely blond but what exactly do you dot with these? Are they nail polish thingies? or eyeshadows? I'm intrigued but just cant figure it out from the pics :)

  2. No need to worry about that, I can be a bit blond at times! Basically they are for doing dots on your nails, I'll edit the blog with some pictures to show what they do! :)


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