14 December 2010

Review: Nail Art Brushes

Some of the burshes have nail polish on because I have been trying them out so excuse that! Also there was another fan brush, similar sized to the one photographed.

Dotting Tool

Angled Brushes
Striper brushes

Flat top brushes

Another purchase from eBay, these were super cheap which is just as well because I am far from artistic! I
am getting a lot more creative, well I always was but I was rubbish at it before. Practicing really makes a difference. Anyhow you get 15 brushes in this pack and they all come in various sizes, and with different brushes you can get different effects. Cost £3 from Hong Kong. I am still struggling to do anything much with my right hand though because my left one just isnt as controlled.


  1. So many brushes!!

  2. I know! I didnt really have a clue what they were all for cos I am not the arty type. Had a look on youtube which explained a few but the long striper ones can't seem to make work for me. x


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