20 December 2010

Tutorial: Nail Quills

Having seen the Illamasqua Nail Quills I quite liked the look, something a little bit different for the festive season. However £35 for two false nails is well out of my budget. Luckily Klaire de Lys has done a tutorial and now I have my very own set of Nail Quills for parties over the festive season.

I got two false nails and cut them so they fit my thumb nails exactly

Mark on the nails where if you had short nails they would come to, also mark the centre at the tip

Cut the angles

Paint the edges

Once you have painted a couple of coats of black and waited for that to dry then you need to stick some sticky tape on to create the silver shape

Paint a couple of coats of silver and once its dried remove the tape

All you have to do is wear them now!


  1. Ahh they add such a cool touch to a simple set of nails!! Love it

  2. Yeah very simple to do as well, £35 is well over priced I think.


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