31 January 2011

Review: ELF - Studio Blusher - Berry Merry

They say ~ The soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish. Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth. Highlight your complexion with a subtle healthy glow!

I say ~ I really do like this shade, its nicely pigmented and really nice for autumn / winter. It does look a little glittery in the compact but not on the face. Finely milled and tightly packed in so it doesnt crumble after a couple of uses the way that some of the standard line does.


£3.50 - 4.75g

30 January 2011

Storage Sundays: Eye Brushes

ELF - Studio Small Smudge Brush
L'Oreal - Eyeshadow Brush
ELF - Eyeshadow Brush
ELF - Crease Brush

ELF - Eyeliner Brush - Mini
Ruby & Millie - Smudge Brush
Primark - Angled Eyeliner Brush
ELF - Eyeliner Brush

29 January 2011

Review: Barry M - Lip Paint


They say
~ A waterproof formula with added Aloe Vera stays on for up to 8 hours. Depending on the alkali level of your lips, determines just how pale or rich the colour will go.

I say ~ Well not exactly a traditional lipstick in that it is bright green! When I saw this I just had to buy it, I had one when I was about 11 and really liked the pink colour it gave my lips back then. And now? Well its equally as nice as I remember! I doubt it was a Barry M one I had in those days but this one is lovely. You can use it as a lip stain which is great and very long lasting, when applied as a typical lipstick it is quite long lasting as well and doesn't feel dry.

Ultimately I really like this, its nice and quirky!


Barry M

28 January 2011

Review: Dove - Body Silk

They say ~ Supreme Body Silk beauty body cream for soft, silky skin. Radiant skin isn't something you save for special occasions – you want to give it that glow every day. Made with a luxurious combination of moisturizers and delicate skin softeners, Dove Supreme Body Silk wraps your skin in silky moisture, leaving it beautifully radiant and soft to the touch.

I say ~ Yeah this is a nice creamy moisturiser, its in the jar though which I dont like. Dipping my fingers in something always makes me wonder. The smell is typical of dove and it really is moisturising. Its a very thick consistancy, somewhere between a body lotion and a butter.

I tend to use this for my hands and my face during the winter. In the summer this product really is too heavy for me and leaves my face really oily, but in the winter is soaks in nicely and leaves my face free of dry patches. The jar lasts for ages as well, a really long time!

Would I recommend it ~ Not sure, its not anything spectacular but it is nice enough. I have repurchased this and probably will do again once this jar has ran out.

300ml - £4.80

27 January 2011

Shopping Trip - January 2011

Let me know if you want to see these sorts of posts, I like seeing other peoples but not sure about mine.

Its Raining Men Shower Gel - Lush ~ Smells totally amazing, its just like Honey I Washed The Kids!
Nailene Calcium Nail Kit - Boots ~ My nails keep tearing at the sides well down in to the quick so trying something to sort that out (anyone got any ideas?)
Models Own - Boots ~ True Blue, Black Red and 3 in 1 Top Coat (couldnt resist a 3 for 2)
Sock Bun - Primark ~ Not sure what its called but was only £1
AX Necklace - New Look ~ Just a black teardrop necklace

GILT Black Cake Eyeliner - Primark ~ Actually surprisingly waterproof
AX Earrings - New Look ~ Again a bargin, was £6 down to £2!
Fatal Retraction Smokey Eyeliner Pen - Primark ~ Was £2 I think down to 50p
Strawberry Body Lotion - Primark ~ Another bargain, £1
Nail Polish Remover Pads - Primark ~ 50p

26 January 2011

TAG: Products I am Using NOW!

Products I'm Using Right Now

I saw this post on Blushingloves and am giving it a go. Things with a * mean I have a review coming soon.

Toner: Don't always use one, but when I do its Lush's Tea Tree Toner
Cream moisturizer: Dove Body Silk Moisturiser*
Exfoliator: Lush's Gumback Express
Face Make up remover: Lush's Sweet Japanese Girl or Face Wipes

Shower gel: Lush's Snow Fairy
Body lotion/cream: The Body Shop Black Cherry Body Butter
Hand cream: Lush's Smitten
Lip Balm: Primark - Strawberry Balm*
Perfume: Lush's Snow Fairy Perfume

Shampoo / Conditioner: Lush's Ultimate Shine Bar / Lush's American Cream
Protection: L'óreal Studio Heat Protection

Foundation: Revlon Colourstay
Concealer: Maybellene Cover Stick
Lipstick: None
Lipgloss: ELF Candlelight SPF15*
Eyeliner: ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black
Eyeshadow Primer: Urban Decay
Eye lash curler: No idea who its by, got it about 10yrs ago!
Mascara: 17 Wild Curls

[Clearly more of a Lushie than even I thought :S]

Shopping Trip - ELF

Its been a while since I actually did this haul but couldn't post about it too soon because some of it were gifts, and I suspect the person I got them for will be reading! I will be doing reviews on most of the things soon though.

25 January 2011

Review: L'Oreal - Perfect Clean Wash Refreshing

Having already done a review of the Exfoliating Perfect Clean I thought I would do one on this one as I ended up buying this one too.

They say ~ Perfect Clean changes the face of cleansing with the Scrublet™, a soft & flexible cleansing brush. Perfect Clean gently removes dirt, oil & make-up for a deep pore cleansing experience. Oil free, this formula is specifically adapted for normal & combination skin. Gently cleansed, your skin is left soft and smooth.

I say ~ I do really like using the scrublet, even with its silly name! It really does help scrub your facial skin and remove dirt, oil and make up as they claim. The bottle does have a hole for the scrublet which makes it feel like you are getting less product that you would imagine. The scrublet feels really rubbery and soft, has little teeth which are soft and you rub those on your face. I do think that the scrublet helps out with the use of this product a lot. It foams up easily and doesnt leave your skin feeling awful, leaves it feeling quite smooth and clean which is what you are looking for. I think that the scent is of a typical cleanser, nothing special or distinctive. 

Would I recommend it ~ For the RRP of almost £5, no I wouldnt recommend. If you can get it cheaper on an offer then you may as well give it a go. I bought mine in Asda for £3 which is about the most I would pay for this product. I prefer this one over the exfoliating one as it meets all of its claims.


£4.99 - 150ml

24 January 2011

Review: ELF - Studio Stipple Brush

It was on my list of to review things but it was also requested by Stavroula

They say ~ The layered bristles create a soft airbrushed look that's perfect for applying foundation or adding colour definition to cheekbones or highlighting with soft layers. Use this brush with any liquid or powder face product such as foundation, blush or bronzer to build your coverage from sheer to heavy.

I say ~ I really wanted to adore this brush and while I do have positive things to say about it its not good for stippling on foundation. The bristles aren't hard enough, when you put pressure on them they bend and flop. I tried using this with various liquid foundations and it didn't work with any of them, I much prefer the studio powder brush as its more dense and less floppy.

However that all being said I am using this brush daily because it really does make the application of powdered blushes, both mineral and pressed easy. Its very difficult to accidentally add too much and end up looking like Aunt Sally. Its nice and soft as well, much nicer feeling on your skin than the blush / bronzer standard brush line. Really not sure about the application of a cream blush though as they recommend.

Depending on what you wanted it for would depend on if I recommend it or not. For liquid foundation though, not at all.


£3.50 - ELF

23 January 2011

Storage: Primers

Another reason for doing this is so that I can see exactly what I have, things go in a draw and you end up forgetting about them which isnt good!

22 January 2011

Nails: Mystique Rhinestones

Just another something simple, thought I would try using rhinestones in my nail art. First time and I don't think it came out too bad. I only have black ones but I think crystal ones would be lovely and show up well.

Models Own - Purple Mystique
Models Own - Matte Black

20 January 2011

Nails: Metal Madness Crackle

ELF - Metal Madness
Barry M - Instant Effects

I quite like this one, not too bright. Much more me I think. I have to blame a certain nameless person for inspiring me to crack out the Nail Effects polish again!

19 January 2011

Tutorial: Corset Nails

I was asked by Lisa from PrincessandthePeaBlog how to do this...

You will need:
- Black and White Nail Art Pens
- Black Nail Polish
- Purple Nail Polish

First off paint your nails black

Using the purple I painted a stripe from almost the base of the nail to the tip

With the white nail art pen I did three dots on each side of the stripe, with bigger fingernails then you can do more dots

Final step is to use the black nail art pen, the striping end to lace up all of the dots the way in which a corset is done up
Add a topcoat and thats it! Quite easy I think, managed to do a good job even with my left hand!

18 January 2011

Nails: Temptress

Not actually my nails but my sisters who seems to be appearing randomly in the blog. Got to have a fellow females nails to practice on! The polish is No.7 - Temptress and its a gorgeous deep blood red colour. Not sure if you can see the colour very well in the photos, but it is amazing!

17 January 2011

Tutorial: Half Moon Nails

Second tutorial so please give me feedback so I know if I am doing it well or not!

You will need:
- Two different coloured nail polishes
- Clear top coat
- Hole reinforcers

First paint your nails all over, I chose ELF's Cranberry Polish

Tear the reinforcers in half and stick to the base of the nail

Paint two thin coats of your other polish over the nail. I used Models Own Gun Grey

Once its dried, peel off the half circles

Paint a clear top coat over the top, to smooth things over

And a quick clean up and your finished!

Nails: Lush

Bargain OPI polish picked up for £4 in the closing down sale of local Collectibles, its a nice plum type colour.

Went and smudged the accent nail, was quite funny all the same!

Trying to do Lush's Comforter

16 January 2011

Storage Sundays: Foundation Brushes

ELF - Studio Stipple Brush
ELF - Studio Powder Brush (not strictly a foundation brush but I really like it for applying liquid foundations)
ELF - Studio Angled Foundation Brush

15 January 2011

Review: Primark - Strawberry Lip Balm

Another lip balm review, suprise suprise! Usually I have two with me when I leave the house, however one day when I was out I discovered I didnt have any! Now that for an addict is not a good realisation. In Primark at the time I thought they might sell some in their cosmetic section. Luckily for me they did, and I chose this strawberry scented one. I think they might of had coconut as well.

They say ~ Pucker up for this perfect pocket strawberry flavoured lip balm

I say ~ Well you can't deny that scent is rather obviously strawberry which is a nice scent. The product is incredibility hard though and its difficult to get from the pot to your lips. There is no colour to it though when its applied to the lips, what I do note is how lovely and shiney it makes your lips look. Its a teeny bit sticky but nothing to be worried about, it wont stick your hair to it! The plastic pot it is in feels quite cheap and has the look of a product aimed at tweens.


£1 - 6g

14 January 2011

Nails: Blue Half Moon

So I was really inspired to do this nail because Sami linked me a picture from WAH nails. I had to make up my own glittery blue because I don't have one. Think it worked although could have been darker blue.

ELF - Black Polish
ELF - Clear Polish
MUA - Smurf Blue Polish
ELF - Metal Madness

13 January 2011

Review: Lush - Snow Fairy Lip Tint


They say ~ You can keep your lips protected and moisturised and full of colour. The likelihood is that you’ll find yourself licking it off constantly because it tastes so good.

I say ~ Well if you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you probably will have realised that I am a total lushie, addicted! One of my fave products is Snow Fairy which is a Christmas only item, lucky me ended up with five 500g bottles of it this year for xmas. Should last me a good while!

Anyhow on to the review, the scent of it is of snow fairy but also strawberry soft nougat. It has a really light pink colour to it once its on your lips, mostly its the little shine which is noticeable. Very subtle and more of a lip balm than a lip tint the way in which It Started With A Kiss is. As both a lush and a chapstick addict this was a lovely gift for me. Also they say it tastes lovely, I found it had a very mild waxy taste nothing tasty or awful though.


£3.95 - 10g