22 January 2011

Nails: Mystique Rhinestones

Models Own - Purple Mystique
Models Own - Matte Black

20 January 2011

19 January 2011

Tutorial: Corset Nails

I was asked by Lisa from PrincessandthePeaBlog how to do this...

You will need:

- Black and White Nail Art Pens
- Black Nail Polish
- Purple Nail Polish

First off paint your nails black

Using the purple I painted a stripe from almost the base of the nail to the tip

With the white nail art pen I did three dots on each side of the stripe, with bigger fingernails then you can do more dots

Final step is to use the black nail art pen, the striping end to lace up all of the dots the way in which a corset is done up

Add a topcoat and that's it!

18 January 2011

Nails: Temptress

Not actually my nails but my sisters who seems to be appearing on the blog. The polish is No.7 - Temptress and its a gorgeous deep blood red colour.

17 January 2011

Tutorial: Half Moon Nails

You will need:
- Two different coloured nail polishes
- Clear top coat
- Hole reinforcers

First paint your nails all over, I chose ELF's Cranberry Polish

Tear the reinforcers in half and stick to the base of the nail

Paint two thin coats of your other polish over the nail. I used Models Own Gun Grey

Once its dried, peel off the half circles

Paint a clear top coat over the top, to smooth things over

And a quick clean up and your finished!

Nails: Lush

Bargain OPI polish picked up for £4 in the closing down sale of local Collectibles, its a nice plum type colour.

Went and smudged the accent nail.

Trying to do Lush's Comforter

14 January 2011

Nails: Blue Half Moon

ELF - Black Polish
ELF - Clear Polish
MUA - Smurf Blue Polish
ELF - Metal Madness

10 January 2011

Tutorial: Newspaper Nails

I have been requested to do this tutorial on this by Zeby.

You will need:
- A light nail polish
- Newspaper
- Vodka / Whiskey any high percentage alcohol
- Shot glass / egg cup
- Top coat

Paint your fingernails with a light colour, I chose white but I guess that you could pick any colour which black print would show up on

Once they are fully dry get some newspaper, tear it up in to pieces big enough to cover your nail. About 3cm by 3cm but no need to go measuring.

Get your alcohol, I chose this one

Pour enough in to the shot glass to cover your nail and stick in your finger, mine is actually in there but because of the liquid the photo looks a little distorted, keep it in there for around 45 seconds

Once you have taken out your nail, press on the newspaper square. Push it down and make sure it goes all the way around the curve of your nail and up to the tip. Hold it there for about 30 seconds, you want the print to transfer but not for the paper to stick and fibres to come off and stick to your nail

Peel away the paper and you should have something a little bit like this, messy but that is fixable

Paint on a couple of coats of top coat to seal the ink transfer in

When that has dried you can just go ahead and wash your hands, get all the alcohol and ink off from around your fingertips.

A touch on the messy side but seeing as this is my first ever attempt at this I think it worked quite nicely.

4 January 2011

Shopping: January 2011

I didnt end up getting too much, found the sales rather disappointing this year to be honest.

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Gift Kit
- Dry Shampoo
- Heat Protectection Shine Mist
- Dehumidifier Spray
Originally £10 - Sale price £5

And I managed to get myself in on the spend £30 get £10 free deal at Lush I mostly picked out retro stuff because I can get the current stuff anytime and I rarely shop online.

I do kind of miss the popcorn packaging, suppose potato starch is better than wasting good popcorn.

The Comforter - Bubble Bar
Gumback Express - Shower Smoothie (retro)
Freeze - Shower Gel (retro)
You Snap The Whip - Body Butter
Free shampoo tin with two shampoo bars
Dr Peppermint - Shampoo Bar (retro)
Irresistible Bliss - Shampoo Bar (retro)

This is the £10 freebies I got:
Mandarin's Tea Party - Soap (xmas)
Snow Globe - Soap (xmas)
Glógg - Shower Gel (xmas)
Maple Taffy - Lip Balm (xmas)
Avobath - Bath Ballistic