1 January 2011

Nail Art: New Year's Eve

So I did end up wearing my faux nail quills last night, and I am awfully glad they were faux ones because I managed to loose one and the other one pinged off! I also managed to puncture my wrist with one of them as well! So for my new year day nails I will just be painting my thumb nails black!

And the FOTD or should that be the night? Lol! I wanted to wear false lashes but couldn't find my glue in the end. Forgot how much I like browns, seem to over look them for something darker usually!


  1. Gorgeous FOTD - I'm a tad jealous of your skin because it looks absolutely flawless :) Love the eyeshadow, colours are really pretty and suits you perfectly ♥

  2. @makeupjelena Thank you :)

    @All Made Up Aww thanks! Really though my skin isnt flawless, all credit goes down to my Revlon Colorstay foundation!


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