6 January 2011

Project '10 Pan' #2

Seeing as my last project ten pan went so well i thought i would start another.
So this time i am selecting;
Natusan Hair Minimising Moisturiser - The product really didnt do what is claimed to do. I'll have to use it as a general body lotion to use it up

Dove Gradual Self Tanner - Just really dont like the scent it leaves on my skin and makes me feel sticky like I need to wash again! Use it up on my legs I think.

L'Oreal Studio Heat Protection - Must of had this for years because its from before I got all my hair chopped off in 2007! I dont mind it but its just a little heavy and leaves a residue in my hair where as my Mark Hill one doesnt and I prefer that.

Charlie Silver Perfume - Once upon a time I liked this as an evening scent, now I dont really like it at all, so quicker i use it the better!

ELF Tinted Moisturiser - Not too bad of a product just I need more coverage than this, especially in the winter. The shades arent right either, if I mix them together though they are. Besides ELF are bringing out a new one which I want to try but refuse to while these two are on the go.

Maybellene Cover Stick - Yes this is the last item on the go from my last ten pan. Its so so close to being empty now though!

Lush Tea Tree Toner - Had this a while, my skin gets tight enough after washing that a toner just annoys my skin. I did use it during the summer as a refresher spray but now its winter I need to use it for something else! Foiling eyeshadow perhaps?

Maybellene Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in ivory - This is a touch too light for my skin tone. Not noticeable with a setting powder though. I just never got this foundation to apply very well, always looks bad on me which is a pity as I had high hopes for it when it first came out years back.

ELF Lipgloss in candle light - Got this during the summer in a promotion and I am just not a gloss kind of person and the colours arent me either, but I wouldnt want to waste them and just throw it out.

Johnson's Face Tanner - I have no idea why I have so many self tanners I'm pale and prefer it that way! Was only a pound so cheap enough. I didnt want to apply it to my face in case it went wrong plus if my face WERE to be dark i'd have to change my foundation and powder lol!


  1. I think I'll join you on this one:)

  2. I think a new year is a wonderful excuse to get everything used up and of course once you do that its a fab excuse to buy more!

  3. I use the mousse foundation and I love it, it sort of cakes on but isnt too heavy if you get me hehe
    So it covers me up well :)

  4. @Samispoon ooh how do you apply it then to get it working for you? I never seem to apply it right always looks crap!

    @Gaby thank you! Going to need some determination with this one!

  5. new follower!



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