7 January 2011

Review: Body Shop - Lip Butter Wild Cherry

They say ~ A rich, intensive moisturiser for the lips with tantalising wild cherry. Its creamy butter-like texture melts onto the lips to help prevent dryness, leaving them feeling soft, smooth and kissable.

I say ~ This is very creamy and easy to get on your finger from the pot. It smells of cherry a little bit, nothing over powering. Moisturising yes and all the other things it claims to be. I think that the pot though is too big for the product. Could be smaller and more easy to slip in your pocket. Also once its on the lips it doesnt seem to last all that long so you need to keep reapplying. It doesnt taste great either, not terrible though. Doesnt colour the lip either which is nice.


£4 - 10ml


  1. It looks too much like body butter for me, Id feel weird putting it on hah
    I got a pack of 5 or so lipbalms from the body shop for Xmas anyway so I wont be needing any for a while :D

  2. i have the grapefruit once, and i love the smell of it! For me, it lasts pretty long...but i guess 1-2 hours is quite long and good for me haha.

  3. Thanks for this review, I was contemplating getting some of those lip butters.


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