28 January 2011

Review: Dove - Body Silk

They say ~ Supreme Body Silk beauty body cream for soft, silky skin. Radiant skin isn't something you save for special occasions – you want to give it that glow every day. Made with a luxurious combination of moisturizers and delicate skin softeners, Dove Supreme Body Silk wraps your skin in silky moisture, leaving it beautifully radiant and soft to the touch.

I say ~ Yeah this is a nice creamy moisturiser, its in the jar though which I dont like. Dipping my fingers in something always makes me wonder. The smell is typical of dove and it really is moisturising. Its a very thick consistancy, somewhere between a body lotion and a butter.

I tend to use this for my hands and my face during the winter. In the summer this product really is too heavy for me and leaves my face really oily, but in the winter is soaks in nicely and leaves my face free of dry patches. The jar lasts for ages as well, a really long time!

Would I recommend it ~ Not sure, its not anything spectacular but it is nice enough. I have repurchased this and probably will do again once this jar has ran out.

300ml - £4.80

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