8 January 2011

Review: Lush - Maple Taffy Lip Balm

Being the Lush fiend that I am I got some things in the sale. This is a review of the lip balm I got free for spending over £30.
They say ~ The taste of this balm is unbelievably moreish. Mixed in with the syrup, we've added Japan and carnauba waxes with extra virgin coconut oil to form a moisturising layer on the lips and keep them safe from the nip of winter.

I say ~ I did sniff this in the shop but decided that I wouldnt get it because for the price its not worth it. However this was one of my free things and so I am happy it came my way! The smell to me is of butter popcorn with undertones of coconut. Although it could be maple syrup, but I've never tried that before! The scent lasts for a good while on the lips which is something which seems to be hard for lip products to do.

Its not too soft in the tin like vaseline, and not too hard either like the Snow Fairy lip tint. The texture is like butter on the lips and it leaves them nicely protected from the wind which is good at this time of year. The balm doesnt leave any colour on the lips either which is good as its not a colour I would have picked out.

Lush - 10g

On a side note, what is taffy?!

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  1. Taffy is a sweet in America, its like super chewy

    I really want to smell this XD


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