13 January 2011

Review: Lush - Snow Fairy Lip Tint


They say ~ You can keep your lips protected and moisturised and full of colour. The likelihood is that you’ll find yourself licking it off constantly because it tastes so good.

I say ~ Well if you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you probably will have realised that I am a total lushie, addicted! One of my fave products is Snow Fairy which is a Christmas only item, lucky me ended up with five 500g bottles of it this year for xmas. Should last me a good while!

Anyhow on to the review, the scent of it is of snow fairy but also strawberry soft nougat. It has a really light pink colour to it once its on your lips, mostly its the little shine which is noticeable. Very subtle and more of a lip balm than a lip tint the way in which It Started With A Kiss is. As both a lush and a chapstick addict this was a lovely gift for me. Also they say it tastes lovely, I found it had a very mild waxy taste nothing tasty or awful though.


£3.95 - 10g

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