3 January 2011

Review: MUA - Nail Polish

Shades 9, 13 and 17

Three coats of polish

Size comparison

Brush size

They say ~ Maximum Impact Nails for an intense colour use 2 coats.

I say ~ I couldn't take a very good swatch of the green, although the colour is accurate. The bottle is smaller than the average 10ml polish although it is a lot cheaper than other polishes. The colour isn't too thin but to achieve a opaque coverage you do need three coats. The packaging seems to be alright although the label is wearing off and I haven't actually done anything much with the polish to make the silver writing come off.

The brush head is of average size but for some reason it picks up too much polish, nothing major though. It doesn't chip too easily but doesn't last notably long. I would recommend it if you are looking for something cheap and cheerful. I picked these colours out as I wouldn't want to pay more for something for my nail art.


£1 - 6.2ml


  1. Nice review! I adore the MUA range and have picked up loads of goodies but havent got round to trying the nail polishes yet. There are some gorgeous shades so for £1 I think it'd be a crime not to try them out! :)

  2. Yeah there are a lot of nice colours according to superdrug's website but my local one seems to always be out of stock.


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