5 January 2011

Review: MUA - Pressed Powder - Shade 1

I got this powder when there was a 3 for 2 deal on in superdrug last month

I really like how this is sealed as in superdrug things tend to be opened and poked at if they aren't

A nice smooth, finely milled powder

Nicely pigmented

I don't know if all brand have been doing this recently or not but I do like a sealed product. Testers are there to be tested not actual products! So this while the clear wrap was hard to get off I still appreciated it. Now I couldn't actually find this product on the superdrug website so perhaps its a new one? There were a few shades and this one is the palest, which is a little too dark for my super pale skin. The packaging does look a little cheap though and it could have done with a mirror for out and about application, but for £1 lets not complain.

One thing of note I would say is the scent. To me it smells of older make up, the talc scent. The first piece of make up I bought myself was the max factor creme puff and it smells exactly how I remember that smelling and that was about 12 years ago. (I don't know if this product still exists or if it smells the same). The smell though doesn't linger on the skin which is a bonus. You get plenty of product as well, it is not smaller than you would think the way in which is MUA nail polish is.


£1 - 5.7g


  1. For £1 I guess you cant go wrong! :D

  2. Well you say that Sami but I still feel ripped off when its bloody awful! It does soften the blow though. Luckily this was alright as are the nail polishes :)


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