11 January 2011

Review: Primark - Saint or Sinner Palette

Basically this is a super cheap eyeshadow palette from Primark! I got it because there were some sparkely shades which I thought would be nice for the festive season, typically I am not a shimmer, or a glitter sort of a person.
1 - Shimmery white, quite chunky
2 - Light matte pink, not very pigmented
3 - Glittery dark navy blue
4 - Dark shimmer pink
5 - Shimmer aqua green, not very pigmented
6 - Glittery, shimmer gold
7 - Glittery, shimmery silver
8 - Glittery, shimmery deep purple
9 - Matte black, not very pigmented sort of blends out brown
10 - Glittery grey, poor pigmentation

I have to say that of the colours I really like 3, 7 and 8 these are the colours I seem to be using from this palette, I wouldnt say this is a must have but for someone like me who rarely uses these sort of colours then its a good price for a cheap product.


£2 - 10 Eyeshadows

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