15 January 2011

Review: Primark - Strawberry Lip Balm

Another lip balm review, suprise suprise! Usually I have two with me when I leave the house, however one day when I was out I discovered I didnt have any! Now that for an addict is not a good realisation. In Primark at the time I thought they might sell some in their cosmetic section. Luckily for me they did, and I chose this strawberry scented one. I think they might of had coconut as well.

They say ~ Pucker up for this perfect pocket strawberry flavoured lip balm

I say ~ Well you can't deny that scent is rather obviously strawberry which is a nice scent. The product is incredibility hard though and its difficult to get from the pot to your lips. There is no colour to it though when its applied to the lips, what I do note is how lovely and shiney it makes your lips look. Its a teeny bit sticky but nothing to be worried about, it wont stick your hair to it! The plastic pot it is in feels quite cheap and has the look of a product aimed at tweens.


£1 - 6g

1 comment:

  1. Good that it does not stick the hair.I like the strawberry smell though not too strong ones.Thanks for the review.


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