4 January 2011

Shopping: January 2011

I didnt end up getting too much, found the sales rather disappointing this year to be honest.

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Gift Kit
- Dry Shampoo
- Heat Protectection Shine Mist
- Dehumidifier Spray
Originally £10 - Sale price £5

And I managed to get myself in on the spend £30 get £10 free deal at Lush :D I mostly picked out retro stuff because I can get the current stuff anytime and I rarely shop online. So what did I get?
I do kind of miss the popcorn packaging, suppose potato starch is better than wasting good popcorn.

The Comforter - Bubble Bar
Gumback Express - Shower Smoothie (retro)
Freeze - Shower Gel (retro)
You Snap The Whip - Body Butter
Free shampoo tin with two shampoo bars
Dr Peppermint - Shampoo Bar (retro)
Irresistible Bliss - Shampoo Bar (retro)

This is the £10 freebies I got:
Mandarin's Tea Party - Soap (xmas)
Snow Globe - Soap (xmas)
Glógg - Shower Gel (xmas)
Maple Taffy - Lip Balm (xmas)
Avobath - Bath Ballistic

So as you can see almost all of the free things were christmas only items, luckily for me I suppose I hadnt tried any of those. Much more of a Snow Fairy fan! Glad I got the lip balm though being the addict I am!


  1. The lush stuff looks great. I agree the sales have been rubbish this year xx

  2. Wow, lots of LUSH goodies! I received Glögg Shower Gel for Christmas but haven't tried it yet.

  3. @nicoletta glad to hear someone else agrees with me on he rubbish sales!

    @GABY I know and they are only the ones I got in the sales! I got loads more for xmas. <3 Lush! I've not tried that shower gel yet either :)


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