2 January 2011

Storage Sundays: Necklaces

I thought that I might start doing "storage sundays" just something I thought might make for interesting blogs.

Okay so I quite liked the look of this storage method

However my completely amazing mother found this one for me and I really do like it! So much more better than the one above!

And with all my necklaces and a couple of bracelets on

Something it has made me realise is I have three ankh necklaces!
All different but you know interesting to notice.


  1. I got one of these for Christmas from my mum! I'm not a big fan of having stuff on show but seeing how it was a pressie I'll probably make use of it :)

    Love the way you have slightly goth jewellery on a slightly goth stand ♥

  2. Yes I thought it might be a better way of storing things rather than having them get tangled. Your comment about 'slightly' goth really made me giggle lol!


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