28 February 2011

Comparison: ELF Tinted Moisturiser Vs Studio Moisturiser

Not exactly a comprehensive comparison or anything but it is interesting to see how similar in tones the apricot beige and the porcelain are. The ivory is a lot lighter but the porcelain is the lightest shade in the studio tinted moisturisers.

Anyhow this isnt a review, I did one for the standard line here. I am sure at some point I'll review the studio one when I have used it more to test it out.

27 February 2011

Storage: Pressed Powders

MUA: Pressed Powder - Shade 1 ~ Not too bad actually, especially for £1

ELF: Studio Pressed Powder - Sand ~ Its nice enough but too dark for my skin tone

Maybellene: Dream Matte Powder - 1 Rose N*de ~ Really good powder, handy packaging for your bag too

ELF: Clarifying Pressed Powder - Apricot Beige and Light Beige ~ Not too awful, the packaging is cheap though and both these shades are too dark for me

26 February 2011

Nails: Black / Silver French

Not really sure why the photo is so dark. But either way its a nice look for a night out. Chances are I will be doing this one again.

25 February 2011

Review: Primark - Nail Foils

I wanted to have a go at the nail foils, but the price of the Nail Rock ones I wanted to have a go with something cheaper first. Having a bit of a wander around Primark I came across these,

There were two designs and they both came in silver or gold, I opted for the silver skulls.

This is what was in the £3 pack

So here is what I ended up with, really not too sure about them actually.

You can totally tell that they are stickers and I dont seem to have applied them smoothly around the edges. Maybe they weren't sticky enough because even once the bumps were pushed down with an orange stick they didnt hold.

For the price I would recommend them but only if you really wanted to try them.


£3 - 18 stickers

24 February 2011

Nails: Musical Zebra Print

Just trying out a few things with my nail art pens
Zebra print on my ring finger while the rest of them were a simple french manicure

Attempting something different on my thumb, didnt work though! The glitter tip is alright but the music note doesnt even look like one!

23 February 2011

Review - Two Way Nail Art Pens

I got these for christmas actually but due to the awful delays in post they took forever to arrive. They came in a little cardboard box and had a little sheet of protective wrap, I do think though they could have been packaged better. Especially coming from Hong Kong to the UK.

[silver / gold / light pink / dark pink, almost red / blue]

[yellow / mustard / orange / red]

[yellow / light pink / pink / barbie pink / copper]

Greens and Blues
[light green / dark green / light blue / blue / navy blue]

Blacks and Purples
[black / white / purple / dark purple / blood red]

Striper end of pen

Pen end

Out of the 24 pens, three of them are damaged

A couple of them aren't very pigmented when used as stripers, but are fine as pens. They have little pins on the bottom of them as well for unclogging the nib if it gets clogged up with polish

I got them for £7.24 from eBay and that was with p&p. Baring in mind that the Models Own black one is £6 for one not inc p&p. I think at some point in the future I will still purchase the Models Own one but for the time being these ones will do and of course there is still a range of colours to play about with.

Contacted the seller on eBay and they have arranged for me to get a £3 refund which is great as that's £1 per damaged pen and that's not what they would have cost per unit.


21 February 2011

Review: Nice and Easy Colourblend Foam

So a few months ago everyone seemed to be raving about the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, I didnt need to dye my hair then so didnt think about it too much. My hair needed dyeing though and so thought I would try it out. However the precision foam doesnt come in black! I wouldnt have minded so much if there was a black / blue or a black / purple. So I had to opt for something else instead.

They say ~ Nice 'n Easy Permanent Colour blend foam makes colouring an experience to look forward to. Our advanced foam is an effortless, no drip colour that provides 100% grey coverage and colour intensity that lasts up to 8 weeks.

In the box you get the usual two potions to mix together, gloves, a bent pump and two conditioner sachets.

So this was my hair beforehand, it didnt really take too well though. My hair was the lighter of the two colours all over not random splodges!

I mixed the two products together shook it and then stuck the pump in. The foam was a texture of a very thin hair mousse. You had to squeeze the bottle rather than push down on the top to get the mousse out. I found that quite difficult to do especially towards the end of the bottle, I dont know if it was just my left hand being pathetic though.

Was a lot more easier though to apply than the typical at home hair dye which I liked, took a lot less time as well. With my long hair it usually takes forever! It didnt drip as it claimed although personally I've never had a hair dye drip before. I still managed to cover my ears, neck, shoulders and arms in hair dye!

Thats my hair afterwards. I quite like the colour, I mean usually black is black so nothing much different. Something I noticed was that usually I need two boxes of hair dye to dye my hair, although with this I only needed one. Which was £6.99 v £4.99 for one box of the other dye.

Depending on if the hair dye keeps looking good for eight weeks or not will be the point as to if I will repurchase this. As it works out cheaper for me I am hoping that it will last until I need my roots doing!



20 February 2011

Storage: Mascara

[I couldnt for the life of me make this focus!]

17: Wild Curls Mascara - Wildest Black ~ A nice rubberised brush, good lengthening effect

Maybellene: Great Lash Mascara - Blackest Black ~ Bought this time and time again, its not bad but nothing amazing

MUA: Mascara - Shade 5 ~ This has little fibres in it which get annoying especially when wearing contact lenses

ELF - Earth and Water Duo - Noire ~ Havent used this too much but when I have its been super hard to remove without pulling out my eyelashes! 

Review: Nailene Calcium Nail Kit

So back in January I got a Nailene Calcium Nail Kit from Boots.

So after trying out nail foils it sort of damaged my nails so I thought it was time to try something else because my natural nails ended up all bumpy and lumpy. Anyhow the kit contains all the above which is all you need other than the nail glue.

Took all polish and nail sticker residue off my nails and then began. I dropped a drop of nail glue on the tip of the fingernail and then stuck on the right sized tip. You can see my poor damaged nails there too.

Once they are all glued on you paint on a layer of the gel over lay and then drop on some of the activator, then repeat.

Using the file you buff down the join, although to be fair there wasnt much of a one with these tips. Something I noticed was my fingers getting glued to each other and glue running over my fingers, not sure if it was being being clumsy or not though. In the picture you can tell where the glue has gone and the activator.

As much as I like the look of a squared off tip I can't get away with them. They seem to catch on everything and get stuck under my keys on the keyboard. So I chose to shape them differently and also take off a bit of length. Once I did that I painted on a clear top coat and this is how they turned out.

Basically I quite like this kit, it comes with the white tips and natural tips which is nice. I was going to paint these but its made my nails look quite healthy which is great! I think I will keep them like this for a couple of days.

I think they are quite simple to use just takes a bit of effort really. Only complaints would be they should have included some nail glue, and have more gel overlay in the pack as there is plenty of activator but not enough overlay to go with it.

To remove these is so simple just soak them for a bit in acetone nail polish remover.



19 February 2011

Review: Nail Gem Wheel

I thought I would quickly do a review on this which I got from eBay, was actually a UK seller as well so got to me nice and quickly. I have my fingers in the picture as a bit of a size comparison, I imagined that the wheel would be bigger although not sure why as the gems are teeny and thats what I was looking for!

Has a nice range of colours and are all 2mm in size and there is around 2000 of them in the wheel. I got mine from this eBay seller and they were £2.39 which is rather cheap. Now I just have to be inspired to use them!

18 February 2011

Nails: Smokey Brown Crackle

ELF - Smokey Brown Polish
Barry M - Nail Effects

Well I think I have tried this polish out now a few times and I think its sort of hit and miss. How you apply it seems to have a impact on how good / bad it looks. As you can see the last three nails looke good but the thumb and forefinger looks too clumpy. Maybe the coat I painted on was too thick?

16 February 2011

Nails: Gradient Purple

I thought I would try out a gradient sort of a nail look. In the picture all five nails look a lot different where as in real life they arent, they all actually look very similar. I am liking how shiney they look and that is without a top coat! I mixed a few drops of some polishes together and ended up with this, looks alright but might have been better in different colours.

ELF - Punk Purple Polish
ELF - Purple Pleaser Polish
ELF - Rosy Raisin Polish

15 February 2011

14 February 2011

Nails: Oi Sailor!

Models Own - Matte Black
Models Own - Gun Grey
ELF - Pearl Polish

13 February 2011

Storage: Moisturisers

Body Shop - Mango Body Butter - Super thick wonderful for dry knees and elbows!
Body Shop - Wild Cherry Body Butter - Less intensive than the mango, smells amazing too

Dove - Body Silk - Nice and moisturising for winter skin

Lush - Smitten Hand Cream - Love this, sinks in quickly and not oily
Boots Botanics - Oil Free Moisturiser - A lighter moisturising gel great for summer

12 February 2011

Review: Orly - Nail Whitener

I suppose this is a little bit of a follow up from one of my "tips of the day". I recently got some Orly Professional Nail Whitener for christmas and thought it was about time I tried removing some of the stains!
[picture yoinked from powderpuff]

They say - Orly Nail Whitener is a stain remover and nail brightener that clarifies and restores nails to a naturally beautiful finish. Orly Nail Whitener is an effervescent soak that combines a double dose of tea tree oil and citrus to detoxify and help dissolve impurities and stains on the nail. With Orly Nail Whitener nails are refined and bright.

I say - Once I put the crystals in to a bowl I got an over powdering scent, made me cough a little bit. If you have ever used sterilising tablets before it was that same effect. Now this quickly disappeared and I went and stuck my fingers in the dish for 8 mins, which is too long but I got distracted!

Before (product free nails)
Nails after
You can see that the powder has taken away a little of the shine from my buffed nails. It has also made it very obvious where I damaged my nails by riving off false ones instead of taking them off properly. It left my fingers very dry and you can see that very much on the index finger.

As for the staining, well it hasnt gotten rid of it completely but it has made a good attempt. Going to just have to wait until all the orange from Halloween has grown out! I would have given the other sachet another go on my nails but it doesnt seem worth the effort for the minimal effect.


£3.80 for 2 Sachets

11 February 2011

Tutorial: Ruffian Nails

Not sure if this is how the 'experts' do it but this is my attempt

You will need:
Two contrasting colour polishes
Top / base coat
Nail guides

Paint your nails your chosen colour, I chose Barry M - Racing Green

Once that is dry stick on the nail guides, the reverse of a french manicure

Paint on the contrasting colour, I used Models Own - Gun Grey

Once its dried peel off the guides and apply a top coat

And that is that all done! I think this would have been better in different colours, ones more contrasting.

What do you think?

10 February 2011

Nails: Valentine's Day Ideas

I took this one and finally managed to get a photo of the moon! It seems as if its impossible to take one that looks half decent. Anyhow, these nails are a couple of more ideas for valentines day.

Which do you like?

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