4 February 2011

Review: ELF: Tweezers

I wasnt sure about bothering with this review to be honest, but thought it might come in useful to someone!

They say ~ A unique slanted tweezer ergonomically designed for easy and accurate tweezing. Its professional quality stainless steel construction provides the user with a strong grip that will easily remove any unwanted hairs.

I say ~ Well not being an expert in the matter I cant really comment on the ergonomics of this! The tweezers feel sturdy in hand and not like those cheap flimsy ones you can get. The edges of the tweezers meet which again is vitally important. Overall I really like these ones, I am someone who seems to go through tweezers fast as I loose them! So have tried a fair few cheap ones out. I really don't want to pay for expensive ones just to loose them!


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