20 February 2011

Review: Nailene Calcium Nail Kit

So back in January I got a Nailene Calcium Nail Kit from Boots.

So after trying out nail foils it sort of damaged my nails so I thought it was time to try something else because my natural nails ended up all bumpy and lumpy. Anyhow the kit contains all the above which is all you need other than the nail glue.

Took all polish and nail sticker residue off my nails and then began. I dropped a drop of nail glue on the tip of the fingernail and then stuck on the right sized tip. You can see my poor damaged nails there too.

Once they are all glued on you paint on a layer of the gel over lay and then drop on some of the activator, then repeat.

Using the file you buff down the join, although to be fair there wasnt much of a one with these tips. Something I noticed was my fingers getting glued to each other and glue running over my fingers, not sure if it was being being clumsy or not though. In the picture you can tell where the glue has gone and the activator.

As much as I like the look of a squared off tip I can't get away with them. They seem to catch on everything and get stuck under my keys on the keyboard. So I chose to shape them differently and also take off a bit of length. Once I did that I painted on a clear top coat and this is how they turned out.

Basically I quite like this kit, it comes with the white tips and natural tips which is nice. I was going to paint these but its made my nails look quite healthy which is great! I think I will keep them like this for a couple of days.

I think they are quite simple to use just takes a bit of effort really. Only complaints would be they should have included some nail glue, and have more gel overlay in the pack as there is plenty of activator but not enough overlay to go with it.

To remove these is so simple just soak them for a bit in acetone nail polish remover.



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