21 February 2011

Review: Nice and Easy Colourblend Foam

So a few months ago everyone seemed to be raving about the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, I didnt need to dye my hair then so didnt think about it too much. My hair needed dyeing though and so thought I would try it out. However the precision foam doesnt come in black! I wouldnt have minded so much if there was a black / blue or a black / purple. So I had to opt for something else instead.

They say ~ Nice 'n Easy Permanent Colour blend foam makes colouring an experience to look forward to. Our advanced foam is an effortless, no drip colour that provides 100% grey coverage and colour intensity that lasts up to 8 weeks.

In the box you get the usual two potions to mix together, gloves, a bent pump and two conditioner sachets.

So this was my hair beforehand, it didnt really take too well though. My hair was the lighter of the two colours all over not random splodges!

I mixed the two products together shook it and then stuck the pump in. The foam was a texture of a very thin hair mousse. You had to squeeze the bottle rather than push down on the top to get the mousse out. I found that quite difficult to do especially towards the end of the bottle, I dont know if it was just my left hand being pathetic though.

Was a lot more easier though to apply than the typical at home hair dye which I liked, took a lot less time as well. With my long hair it usually takes forever! It didnt drip as it claimed although personally I've never had a hair dye drip before. I still managed to cover my ears, neck, shoulders and arms in hair dye!

Thats my hair afterwards. I quite like the colour, I mean usually black is black so nothing much different. Something I noticed was that usually I need two boxes of hair dye to dye my hair, although with this I only needed one. Which was £6.99 v £4.99 for one box of the other dye.

Depending on if the hair dye keeps looking good for eight weeks or not will be the point as to if I will repurchase this. As it works out cheaper for me I am hoping that it will last until I need my roots doing!



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