12 February 2011

Review: Orly - Nail Whitener

I suppose this is a little bit of a follow up from one of my "tips of the day". I recently got some Orly Professional Nail Whitener for christmas and thought it was about time I tried removing some of the stains!
[picture yoinked from powderpuff]

They say - Orly Nail Whitener is a stain remover and nail brightener that clarifies and restores nails to a naturally beautiful finish. Orly Nail Whitener is an effervescent soak that combines a double dose of tea tree oil and citrus to detoxify and help dissolve impurities and stains on the nail. With Orly Nail Whitener nails are refined and bright.

I say - Once I put the crystals in to a bowl I got an over powdering scent, made me cough a little bit. If you have ever used sterilising tablets before it was that same effect. Now this quickly disappeared and I went and stuck my fingers in the dish for 8 mins, which is too long but I got distracted!

Before (product free nails)
Nails after
You can see that the powder has taken away a little of the shine from my buffed nails. It has also made it very obvious where I damaged my nails by riving off false ones instead of taking them off properly. It left my fingers very dry and you can see that very much on the index finger.

As for the staining, well it hasnt gotten rid of it completely but it has made a good attempt. Going to just have to wait until all the orange from Halloween has grown out! I would have given the other sachet another go on my nails but it doesnt seem worth the effort for the minimal effect.


£3.80 for 2 Sachets

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