23 February 2011

Review - Two Way Nail Art Pens

I got these for christmas actually but due to the awful delays in post they took forever to arrive. They came in a little cardboard box and had a little sheet of protective wrap, I do think though they could have been packaged better. Especially coming from Hong Kong to the UK.

[silver / gold / light pink / dark pink, almost red / blue]

[yellow / mustard / orange / red]

[yellow / light pink / pink / barbie pink / copper]

Greens and Blues
[light green / dark green / light blue / blue / navy blue]

Blacks and Purples
[black / white / purple / dark purple / blood red]

Striper end of pen

Pen end

Out of the 24 pens, three of them are damaged

A couple of them aren't very pigmented when used as stripers, but are fine as pens. They have little pins on the bottom of them as well for unclogging the nib if it gets clogged up with polish

I got them for £7.24 from eBay and that was with p&p. Baring in mind that the Models Own black one is £6 for one not inc p&p. I think at some point in the future I will still purchase the Models Own one but for the time being these ones will do and of course there is still a range of colours to play about with.

Contacted the seller on eBay and they have arranged for me to get a £3 refund which is great as that's £1 per damaged pen and that's not what they would have cost per unit.


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