9 February 2011

Review: Vaseline Lip Therapy - Rosy Lips

So as you may know I seem to have an addiction to lip salve / chap stick. I have to have at least two on me or in arms length of me at all times! Complete addict! Luckily for me I don't think I have bought one of my own in over three years as people keep giving me them as gifts which is amazing and very good choices!

Anyhow this is a review of something I got for Christmas, which I know was a while back but still relevant I think.
Basically its a huge vaseline style tin, and inside of it is four tins of lip therapy. One original and one aloe vera and two rosy lips. I would have actually preferred one rosy lips and one cocoa butter one as I haven't tried that yet! Still a good selection and I am sure they will keep me going for a long time. Very intense and moisturising.

I hadn't actually tried this one before and so it was lovely to try something new. First thing I noticed was the colour, looks quite daunting in the tin! Once applied to my lips though there isn't any colour, now this could be because my lips are quite pigmented to begin with but even if that weren't the case it would be a sheer colour. Next thing I noticed was the scent, smells very much of rose and although it says there is almond in there I couldn't smell that.

I would recommend the rosy lips lip therapy to anyone, well maybe not a manly man!

£1.39 - 20g

[I am sure that I will be reviewing the other two at some point in the future as well]

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