3 February 2011

Shopping Trip - February 2011

Unexpected shopping trip!
Primark - Velvet Shorts (Now I think they look more like a skirt when they are on, I want to call them chalotes but that is an onion I think!) - £8 on sale for £3

UV Nail Polish in Frosting - £2 on sale for £1
So not my colour but I recently got a laser torch for my cat to chase and it has a UV light on and a normal torch. Wanted to test it out and this was the result...

Tesco - Sure Deodorant - Now I dont use this sort of deodorant because of the link with breast cancer and the aluminium but I did quickly read the ingredients and didnt see it, but once home it is :S

Peacocks - Hairbands
Purple Bow - was £2 on sale for £1
It is a headband but tied my hair up with it because it was so windy!

Originally £3 on sale for £1.50

I think I may be officially a bargain hunter, ah well my bank balance will be pleased!

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