3 March 2011

Give and Makeup

So you might have already heard of this but its such a worthy cause. Basically the idea is you probably have more make up and beauty related products than you need and there are women who have had to escape an abusive environment to stay in a refuge. Last thing on their minds at that time will be taking beauty related items!

I did want to donate to a local refuge but in their nature they are quite covert. If you go over to giveandmakeup.com you can see how you can help. I personally don't have money to donate but with something like this I could help by donating various make up products, shower items and feminine hygiene products. I had quite a large amount of those to donate after moving over to the Moon Cup a while back!

When I donated I got 10% off beautybay.com, as a thank you and it was free to send a 2kg parcel. Even if you aren't based in the UK it is such a good cause, one which is important to me personally I hope you can donate something, to a woman's refuge in your own country.

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