13 March 2011

Review: Aussie Colour Mate Conditioner

They say ~ Oh how we love Australian Wild Peach. This juicy formula, oozing of the fruity stuff, comes to the rescue of coloured tresses making sure hues stay bright and hair comes alive. It's the next best thing to a strapping, hot lifesaver – and your hair will love you for it.

I say ~ The first thing that strikes you is the smell, it is very peachy! I like the smell, despite it being different from the other Aussie products I have tried. Its a standard conditioner and it does make your hair feel qute soft. I wouldnt say that it did anything for the colour of my hair though. It isnt as intensive as the 3 min conditioners so you can use this everyday.

Overall while I thought this conditioner wasnt too bad I wont be buying it again, its not special enough to keep going back to time and time again.

(you can buy this in most places)

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