15 March 2011

Review: ELF - Make Up Mist and Set

They say ~ After you have applied your makeup spray a light mist 12-16 inches from your face with eyes closed to set your makeup in place or use for a quick touchup throughout the day to refresh your makeup. Let it dry naturally or blot with a tissue to help speed dry.

I say ~ I really like the spray of this bottle, its even and thats so important because other products just totally fair and spraying. Either they are too hard to spray or dont distribute the product evenly. This one is good! I have been using it on my ELF powder brush to apply my Revlon Colourstay foundation and it helps a lot and stops the brush from absorbing the liquid. Although I imagine you could also use water / rosewater / toner for the same thing.

As for using it on your face as a refresher then yes its good for that. Again you could probably just use water for that. Finally they suggest using it to spray on to the face to set your make up, now I like it for that as it can stop you from looking so powdery and overly made up. The smell isnt anything offensive, lots of people have said it is smaller than they expected but 60mls really isnt much.

Would I buy it again? Probably not, but I will be reusing the bottle because the spray is so even. Worth a try because its only £3.50 compared to extortionist amounts that Urban Decay or MAC charge for their equivalents.


£3.50 - 60ml

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