22 March 2011

Review: Tangle Teezer

I chose the standard black one but there are a couple of other variations on it. It says made in Great Britain although I am not sure what is so great about it! The box mine came in had some sort of promotion with Tangled.

On the back of the brush, which has no handle, it says Tangle Teezer and the signature of the hair colourist behind the design Shaun P

The bristles are made of two various lengths of flexible plastic, and while they look really scratchy they aren't

Now you might be worried about it not having a handle but you don't need to be because clearly it has been researched in to and has been ergonomically designed

The point of the brush is to minimise pulling and ripping hair out. You can actually brush wet hair with it which is usually a complete no-no. My hair is 28 inches long now and straight, and it glides through my hair fine and speeds up the whole brushing business.

Also I have noticed that it is good for brushing through wigs and hair extensions, which is good because your hair does grow back if pulled out but wigs and extensions obviously don't.

I would recommend this to anyone with kids, I remember having my head tugged at so much as a kid and this would totally be helpful in that situation. Anyone with long hair or hair prone to getting tangled, curly hair especially.

It was around the £10 mark and you can get it from Tangle Teezer or Boots. It feels quite light and a little cheap.

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