29 March 2011

Shopping Trip - March 2011

So another month another shopping trip. Not overly sure why I seem to only shop once a month but never mind! I got some pills for my nails because I have been having a lot of problems with them. My nails are exceptionally bendy at the moment although I have been having some health issues so could be related. I got some sea kelp and some 'skin, hair, nails' from Holland and Barrett. Anyone know if either of these might help? The sales person in there recommended them to me.

I got a nice black and silver scarf and a little Beret type hat from Peacocks both £3
Scotch tape for some nail art from Rymans for £1.99 for two
Lee Stafford's Hair Treatment for hair that doesn't grow past a certain length - Boots £7
Lee Stafford's Hot Shots hair oil treatment - Boots £7
Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in White - £1.99
Four Yankee Candles wax tarts - £3.57

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