6 March 2011

Storage: Eyeshadows

[clearly I have a fair few eye shadows, and this isnt including my palettes]

Miss Sporty: 101 Night ~ Picked this up because I forgot my eyeshadow when I was somewhere, its a little shimmery but works

Avon: Duo Eye Pencil - Violet Smoke ~ The two ends work well together but too light for me

ELF: Studio Eyeliner and Shadow Stick - Black / Smoke ~ Cant get this to work for me, creases so quick

ELF: Liquid Eyeshadow - Mocha Madness ~ Not sure about this, never worked with a liquid eyeshadow before

ELF: Brightening Eye Quad - Brownstone ~ Nice enough

2true: Shade 1 ~ Another on the go buy, shimmery black navy colour

Collection 2000: Eyeshadow Trio - 2 Zenith ~ The darker of the shades is nice

17: Bahama Blue ~ Way too light for me!

Avon: Colour Trend - Lilac Whisper

Avon: Colour Trend - Beige Frost

ELF: Eye Brightening Quad - Drama ~ Bit too sparkly for me

ELF: Studio Eyeshadow - Raspberry Truffle ~ A browny reddy type colour

Collection 2000: Eyeshadow Trio - 24 Alchemy~ The darker of the shades is nice again

ELF: Studio Eyeshadow - Amethyst ~ Beautiful deep purple colour

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